Return to the Wunderkammer

Sarah Rich

On June 8, 2012, the Oakland Standard gathered cultural producers to speak with OMCA staff about creating interdisciplinary content. The earliest museums, called cabinets of curiosity or wunderkammer, existed before disciplinary boundaries were drawn and mingled objects of all kinds. Like these museums of the past, OMCA uniquely holds collections of art, history, and natural science. The intent of the convening was to inform OMCA's developing practice of interdisciplinarity.

The presenters were accomplished practitioners in their various fields, which included radio, publishing, education, live events, museum practice, and contemporary art. They each gave presentations on their work and participated in a discussion. View the presentations below, where you'll also find a downloadable transcript of the group conversation.

Special thanks to the presenters: Marla Berns, Robin Grossinger, The Kitchen Sisters, Walter Kitundu, Elizabeth Lee, Michelle Legro, Nicola Lepp, Roman Mars, Julia Marshall, Tim McHenry, and Sarah Rich.

Sarah Rich

The group discussion was moderated by Darcie Fohrman. Read a transcript here.