Turf Feinz

The Turf Feinz practice turfing, a form of urban street dance that developed in East Oakland in the 1990s and has won international admiration. Associated with hyphy music, turfing incorporates expressive hand movements called “tuttin” and draws on break dancing moves of the 1980s. The dance has been used as a means of conflict resolution in many urban communities, and the Turf Feinz have adopted it to memorialize family and friends, most notably in “RIP Rich D,” performed at the intersection of MacArthur and 90th.  The video of that dance, shot and edited by YAK Films, has over 2 million YouTube views. The Turf Feinz first performed at the Oakland Museum of California as part of the 2008 exhibition Cool Remixed. They live in Oakland.
Friday, February 4, 2011
Thursday, February 17, 2011